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Air from your attic circulates through your home. No matter how clean you keep your home, if you don’t clean the attic, your air can become polluted.

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Attic Cleaning

When your attic is clean, it helps air circulate properly, reducing your heating and air conditioning bills. Plus, allowing any space in your home to collect dirt and dust means that dirty air gets pushed into your living area. Trust the professionals to clean your attic to keep your home fresh and lower your utility bills.


Radiant Barrier

Homes tend to hold heat in the attic since it is the uppermost space in a home. When the most intense sun of the day beams on your roof, that heat builds up and then makes your whole home hotter. A spray-on or foil radiant barrier reduces the hot air buildup, meaning your home stays cooler with less air conditioning.


Sanitizing Decontamination

Rodents leave behind disease and droppings that can contaminate your home. If your home has housed unwanted guests, you should get a professional sanitization to protect the germs and potential diseases from spreading through your home. Our expert cleaning team uses a safe decontamination process to protect you.


Insulation Installation

Once your old insulation is removed and your attic has been cleaned and sanitized, you’re ready for new insulation to protect your home from the elements. Insulation that is properly installed and new provides energy efficiency that makes the process worth the cost and effort. Plus, it can deter creatures from coming inside.


Post Walkthrough Before and After

Our team is careful to ensure we provide the best customer service and work. We do a walk through before starting any services to make sure you understand what we’re doing and the cost associated. We do another walkthrough afterward to show you our work and answer any questions you might have.


Attic Rodent Proofing and Clean-up

Through the smallest spaces in your home, rodents can make their way inside. Then they begin spreading dirt, germs and disease while damaging your home and potentially chewing through electrical wires. First, we clean up the rodent infestation and then we rodent-proof your attic to prevent future problems.


Crawl Space

A crawl space can be home to rodents, mold and dirt. Plus, foundational issues and lack of proper insulation can affect your entire home just like your attic. Poor insulation can contribute to increased heating and air conditioning bills. We’ll review your current situation and make a recommendation for your crawl space.


Insulation Removal

Insulation only lasts so long before it wears down and needs replaced. Additionally, if your home experiences water damage, you’ll need to replace your insulation to avoid mold and maintain your home’s energy efficiency. We remove the insulation and dispose of it for you while replacing it with a fresh coat.


Attic Fan

Attics that have a fan can contribute to lower household bills. That’s because once the attic reaches a certain temperature, the attic fan kicks on. So in addition to lowering your air conditioning bills, you’ll also reduce the wear and tear on your roof. The hotter your attic, the more strain it places on your roof.


Attic Restoration

A full attic restoration ensures that all your attic issues are mitigated and leaves your attic in excellent shape for home efficiency and protection from rodents. When an attic is neglected over time, rodents can take over and dirt and debris build-up. Our team does a full attic evaluation to restore your attic.


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